Administration Opportunities

Indispensable support

Here at Cross Keys Village the members of our administrative support teams know that they do much more than mere desk work. As vital links within the organization, they provide indispensable attention to all aspects of campus programs and make a positive difference in the lives of many. With regular opportunities to relate to residents, families, providers and visitors, the administrative teams are a fulfilled and engaged bunch. How can you tell? Take a walk down any hallway from the lobby in our main entrance, and you’re sure to encounter smiling faces and welcoming greetings in various offices along the way.

From the Executive Team to Accounting, to Human Resources, Fundraising, Social Services, Marketing, Purchasing and more, the administrative teams enjoy the challenge of running a fast-paced, growing organization and supporting our hands-on caregivers… and our residents through them. In countless ways, the administrative teams are committed to finding new and innovative ways to offer older adults a life infused with quality and purpose.

If you are looking to grow in your career in an interesting field, and to find yourself fulfilled within a respectful, team-oriented environment, don’t wait…join our work family!

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