How will I know if Cross Keys Village is the right fit for me?

That is a great question. Our goal is to ensure the best quality and care for our residents… and also to create and develop an engaged team of caring and dedicated individuals. We want to help you succeed! Whether it is furthering your education, participating in wellness activities or finding the right schedule to suit your life needs, Cross Keys Village offers a variety of options for you.

I’m not sure I qualify for a job in the senior living Field. How do I know?

That’s okay! If you are interested in starting a career in Healthcare, we have several different types of job openings throughout our campus that don’t require much previous experience. You can start in our Grounds Department, Housekeeping Department, or many others. Every single Team Member is a vital link in the operation and the success of our organization. If you’d like to work directly with our residents down the road, we will invest in you and your career! If you’re in the process of receiving a certification or license, don’t wait to apply: we’ll be happy to start the process today!

Can I apply for more than one position?

Absolutely. If there is more than one opportunity that piques your interest, you can apply to as many as you would like. The Human Resources Department will keep your application(s) on file for one whole year. When applying with Cross Keys Village, you will need a username and password to create your own account. You may update that account at any time and submit your application to any of our available positions.

I’m having some trouble filling out my application. What should I do?

Don’t worry, we are here to help! If you’re having trouble viewing our career opportunities or filling out the application, give us a call or send us an email. We will walk you through it as best we can. Since we do not offer a paper application, we have computers available to assist you right here. Stop by the Human Resources Department for more information.

When will I hear back about a position I’ve applied for?

Hang on tight! We will contact potential candidates as soon as possible. Our hiring mangers want to ensure they are being thorough and fair when carefully reviewing applications. Be sure to check your email and your phone. We use both methods for contacting applicants.

What about internships and job shadowing?

Oh yes, that is a possibility here too. This page on our main site describes the process for young people who wish to sample our world before making a career choice.

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